Stats NZ has released figures showing New Zealand Retail Sales recovery in the September 2020 quarter.

For the September 2020 quarter compared with the September 2019 quarter the total value of NZ Retail Sales (with price effects included) rose 7.4 percent ($1.8 billion) and the total volume of retail sales rose 8.3 percent

New Zealand Retail Sales Values Rise

Stat NZ said retail sales values recorded its largest September quarter rise since the series began in 1995.

Furthermore, spending on major household items, vehicles, and groceries contributed to the strong rise in total retail sales compared with the September 2019 quarter.  

The report stated this quarter’s rise indicates a recovery for retail businesses, but it does not make up for the historic fall of 15 percent ($3.6 billion) in the COVID-19-affected June 2020 quarter.

New Zealand Retail sales report provides an aggregated measure of sales of retail goods and services over a specific time period.

Sales values boosted by motor vehicles and supermarkets

Twelve of the 15 industries had higher sales values in the September 2020 quarter compared with the September 2019 quarter.

With price effects included, the main movements by industry were:

  • motor vehicle and parts retailing, up 13 percent ($454 million)
  • supermarket and grocery stores, up 8.4 percent ($429 million)
  • hardware, building, and garden supplies, up 16 percent ($352 million)
  • electrical and electronic goods retailing, up 25 percent ($232 million)
  • department stores, up 12 percent ($147 million)
  • recreational goods retailing, up 20 percent ($115 million).

Fuel retailing had the largest fall, down 8.1 percent ($176 million), followed by accommodation, down 12 percent ($110 million).

NZ Retail Sales

Source: Statistics New Zealand, Retail trade survey: September 2020 quarter, November 23, 2020. Reproduced and distributed on an “as is” basis with the permission of Stats NZ.